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Waiting for Andropogon gerardii

It doesn’t just take humility to learn from and be restored by a sprouting grass, it also takes the perceptiveness to recognize where your human limits brush up against something much greater and more mysterious.

Summer thunderstorms, winter cold, same lessons

It is nearly February, the third month of winter. Louisville winters are on the mild side but I’m still tired of being damp and cold. I’m tired of cold floors in the morning and gusting winds while I take out the trash.

Plant milkweeds, sit back, wait for monarchs

I started to feel like Ray Kinsella from Field of Dreams, hearing whispers in the humid, sticky Kentucky evenings, “if you plant it, they will come.”


I was humbled once to realize I couldn’t fully love the outdoors without other people. I was now humbled again to realize there will never be enough natural things for me.